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How to Plan Travel: Travel Planning Guide

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In our easy-to-digest 25-page travel planning guide, you'll find:

- How to creating a travel planning document (plus a template & examples)

- How to plan everything from where to stay to what to do

- Ways to minimize travel risks

- Tips for budgeting & saving for travel

- Packing tips & tricks

- 5 Printable packing lists

- Travel Planning Resources

Planning a trip can feel like both the most exciting AND the most overwhelming part of travel. Sure, creating a Pinterest board full of gorgeous pictures is fun, but then you start trying to figure out the actual logistics and it hits you … this is SO MUCH WORK.

But planning a trip doesn’t have to be the source of constant anxiety and overwhelm! Breaking down each of the steps to planning a trip can help you cut through the confusion and avoid travel mishaps. Trust us: we're basically the most disaster-prone, anxiety-addled travelers ever.

After years of traveling together and sharing our travel tips to millions of readers on, we’ve perfected our travel planning method. And we want to teach you all of our secrets!

We’ve created this guide to help you plan your next trip … and the next one, and the next one. We hope that our travel planning tips will help you travel safely, reduce stress and anxiety, and allow you to enjoy yourself more on your next vacation!

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How to Plan Travel: Travel Planning Guide

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